Take COVID away, but please leave my comfy fashion confidence

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I would say my overarching mission in writing is to make people feel less alone. When I have struggled with something or felt confused about something, it has always helped me to read about someone else’s experiences and think ah, so that’s how they handled it or great, I’m not the only one. Often, when I decide to write something, it’s because it’s something that I really struggled with at some point. …

Here are some of the insights from the first ten years of mine.

Is this stock photo career girl an actual Gen Zer due to her middle part or was she just styled to look like one??? | Photo by Magnet.me on Unsplash

I recently stumbled upon this piece by Rishad Tobaccowala called “12 Career Lessons,” where he shares smart advice for people at each stage of their careers — The Early Years, The Middle Decades, and The Later Years:

I think there’s a lot of wisdom to be gained here (considerably more than what I have to offer below). It also got me thinking about what advice I would give to folks in that first chapter.

Seeing as I’m in year ten of my career (I count from when I started getting paid to do digital marketing freelance work in 2011), I…

I’m not an expert, I just enjoy managing my own finances! Don’t sue me!!

Aren’t you just so ready for the day when it’s not just white dudes on money?? | Photo by Blogging Guide on Unsplash

A few rare times over the course of my 20s, my friends have asked me for financial advice.

I know what you’re thinking. Bridgett, you write bullshit astrology advice on the internet and are currently employed by a company that pays you to make animal content*— why in the world would anyone go to you for financial advice?

I don’t really know, dear reader! But I do know that helping my friends feel like they can sort of wrap their heads around the intimidating beast that is personal finances pushes me to a point of giddy mania.

I have referenced the book I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi in a few different blog posts

TL;DR: Networking! (But if you keep reading I’ll give you some templates.)

lol who decided to put this monstera leaf next to this iPhone this is so silly | Photo by inlytics | LinkedIn Analytics Tool on Unsplash

As pandemic summer began to turn to pandemic fall, I started feeling like it was time to expand my professional horizons. Maybe it’s the topsy turvy nature of life in quarantine and all of the things that are constantly changing and throwing us for new loops. And so I thought, Might as well start looking. It’ll probably take a while. We are, after all, in a pandemic-induced recession.

Fast forward to four months later and here I sit, writing this blog post, about 90 days into my new job. I began my search in earnest around Labor Day weekend and…

It’s nicer than I thought

Aaron proposing to me at the Whitney show at Thalia Hall on December 5, 2019 | Photo by Benjamin Lurie

I’ve done my fair share of hand wringing about getting married.

Marriage, I figured, would be fine in the end. I had my fears of the unknown, but I love the person I’m marrying a lot. The worst part of getting married, I assumed, would be being engaged, a transitional phase that I imagined as a fiery tunnel of bride-to-be hype culture that is just…not my vibe. Unsolicited marriage advice from family members. Overpriced bridal accouterments that I simultaneously did not need and also had to have. …

Learning and Unlearning a Few Things Amidst a Pandemic

Our last normal times photo — our official adoption pic with Honey — on March 11, 2020

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, my fiancé Aaron and I officially adopted our dog Honey.

I went to work that morning and had a series of increasingly important meetings. I had a bit of a cold/cough thing going on, but I made myself go in because that’s the kind of thing you did before a pandemic hit. After work, we made dinner at home and then drove down to the rescue we’d fostered Honey through to sign the official paperwork. Later that night, we cuddled on the couch with our newly adopted family member when the NBA announced they were…

From a relentless salary negotiator

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In my first full-time job out of college, my salary was $38,500.

This may seem like a lot of money or not very much money depending on where you’re at financially. Living alone in a big city for the first time in my life with a mountain of student loan debt looming over me, it did not feel like much money to me.

I knew this was not a job I wanted to be in forever, so I used it as an opportunity to practice my negotiation skills. I was only there for eight months, and I asked for a…


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My significant other and I have been living together for five years. At this point, we’re pretty good at it. We share domestic responsibilities equitably. We know how and when to give each other space. We’ve cultivated rituals that range from strange to spiritual — like hiding tiny pumpkins around the house in the fall (look out Aaron I might be hiding pumpkins on you RIGHT NOW!!!) and taking three deep breaths while holding hands before dinner every night (in an attempt to be more *~* m i n d f u l *~*).

But the thing we are the…

Love, loss, and the ingredients in between

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When I left the first person I loved from a distance I swore I would never do it again. Isn’t that always the best foreshadowing? As soon as you swear you won’t do something it has a way of making itself inescapable.

I wanted to love someone who could make me a sandwich. Who could do a simple thing when I needed them to. Who could love me plainly and presently.

When we were falling in love, I brought a sandwich to you when you were studying late at the library. You appreciated it but you had no idea how…

Instagram, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

This summer I’ve started tapering off Instagram.

I say tapering off because that’s what it is — I don’t plan to quit altogether. But I’m intentionally lessening the time I spend there, and reflecting on what it does for me.

Let’s get into why I’m doing this first and then I’ll tell you how I’m doing it in case you want to do something similar. And then, if you’re really curious, I’ll share some reflections on how spending less time on IG has impacted me so far.

Why I’m Tapering Off Instagram

I like to get up a few hours before I need to go…

Bridgett Colling

I write things on the internet for business and pleasure. I live in Chicago with my partner and my pets. https://tinyletter.com/bridgettwrites

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