How & Why I’m Tapering Off Instagram

Instagram, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

Why I’m Tapering Off Instagram

Nothing against Maren — she has a delightful account

How I’ve Been Tapering Off Instagram

1. Turn off notifications on my phone.

2. Delete the Instagram app from my phone.

No autoplaying video = harder to get sucked into mindless scrolling and story spectating

3. Find something else to fill your time.

I’ve recently transitioned from Medium to Hard Sudoku puzzles and boy they are not f-ing around!!

4. Re-download and re-delete as needed.

The CONS of Limiting My Time on Insta

1. Becoming the kind of jerk who brags about spending less time on social media

2. Losing a bit of relationship connective tissue

3. Diminished creative juices

4. Less self-documentation

The PROS of Limiting My Time on Insta

1. Greater self-control.

Before I deleted Instagram, I used to use my phone 7–8 hours/day, with IG always being the app that consumed most of my time. That’s a pretty significant decrease. And I swear I’m not kidding about being a Sudoku Queen.

2. Less self-judgement.

3. More privacy.

We come to see what we do as always a potential document, imploding the present with the past, and ultimately making us nostalgic for the here and now.

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I write things on the internet for business and pleasure. I live in Chicago with my partner and my pets.

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