Tackling Seasonal Sadness: An Offensive Approach

A few things I’m doing this winter that are keeping my spirits up

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Look at this woman in her real ass hat! Get it. | Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

I told her that by being AWARE of how dark and gloomy my mind could get when it was similarly dark and gloomy during Chicago’s cold and long WINTER, I could use MINDFULNESS to recognize that part of the reason I was feeling bummed out was the WEATHER.

The bad feelings would come, but now I had a key to UNDERSTAND, at least in part, why they were there. By putting those bad feelings into CONTEXT, I would at least take some POWER away from them.

Yeah, and you could also try doing things to prevent those bad feelings.

Journaling & meditating


Buying a CorePower package

Joining a wine club


Getting the right gear

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